75th Anniversary Gala

For 75 years, the USO has kept service members connected to home and country. President Roosevelt called for its creation in 1941 to serve the hundreds of thousands of Americans serving on the front lines of WWII. Today, the USO continues to serve that same commitment to be always by their sides. 

It’s difficult for a civilian to grasp what it’s like to be a service member away from home. Reading a bedtime story to a child is done over skype. Birthday hugs are virtual, not visceral. These sacrifices are difficult, but made willingly for the good of our country by thousands of service members each day. The USO is there to make sure service members know they are appreciated, but they can’t do it alone.  


Director: Gabe Silverman

Director of Photography: Gabe Silverman, Zach Krahmer

Executive Producer: Jamie Coughlin

Producer: Julia Reihs

Music: APM

Service Member Honorees


Saving a family from a burning apartment, rescuing a car accident victim from drowning, and pulling a fellow sailor to safety. These are just a few of the deeds that won the featured service members the Service Member Honoree award for their branch.         


Volunteers of the Year

With hundreds of offices around the globe and tens of thousands of troops to serve, the USO couldn’t do it without their volunteers. Ron and Ralph, featured here, won the top volunteer awards for their unfailing service to those serving us each day. 

USO Volunteer of the Year-HD.00_02_01_07.Still001.jpg

Spirit of the USO Award: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has been helping the USO fulfill its mission since its beginnings 75 years ago. The Spirit of the USO award goes to this organization that continues to be a major supporter of the USO’s work.