Executive Producer: Howard Schultz

Produced & Written By: Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Director & Director of Photography: Gabe Silverman

Script Writer & Coordinating Producer: Jamie Coughlin

Camera Operators: Jamie Coughlin, Lani Milton, Julia Reihs, Grant Slater, Joshua Trujillo

Edited by: Julia Reihs, Sara McKellogg Lane

Music Composed By: Jason Staczek, APM Music


Planting Hope in a Coalfield

Entrepreneur Brandon Dennison decided to address poverty in his native West Virginia by extending a hand of opportunity to former coal miners.

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Love for All in Utah

Stephenie Larsen forged past fear and skepticism to create the first LGBT community center in Provo, Utah, in an attempt to reduce suicides among gay teens and build bridges with the Mormon Church.

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The Disappearing Island

Former South Carolina Republican congressman Bob Inglis, who once scoffed at climate change, overcame a humiliating defeat by deciding to take on skeptics within his party.


Saving Middletown

Ami Vitori gave up a successful big-city career and tapped her retirement fund to help rebuild the struggling Rust Belt community of Middletown, Ohio.


One Doctor's Needle Fix

Dr. Hansel Tookes spent four years on a life-saving mission to convince Florida legislators to allow drug users in Miami to exchange dirty needles for clean ones.

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