Upstanders | Season 1

Sometimes we choose the clear path in life, and other times we choose the road less traveled, the path rife with thorns to prick us and rocks to trip us.

Starbucks Upstanders are people who chose that difficult path and in doing so not only found their way, but lead the way for others and changed our world for the better. 


Executive Producer: Howard Schultz

Produced & Written By: Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Director & Director of Photography: Gabe Silverman

Script Writer & Coordinating Producer: Jamie Coughlin

Second Camera: Trevor DeSaussure, Morgan McCloy

Music Composed By: Jim Greer


The Kids Who Killed the Incinerator

Destiny Watford grew up in the blue collar, industrial Baltimore neighborhood of Curtis Bay. In her high school, the vast majority of children suffer from asthma, due to the highly polluted air. So when Destiny found out there was going to be a high-polluting trash incinerator build just blocks from her school, she took action and made a difference for her community. | My Hero 2016 People’s Choice Award Winner


The Hunger Hack

Maria Rose Belding grew up working at food pantries. She noticed that often, the pantry would have too much of an item to give away, so instead it would end up in the trash. When she got to college, she founded Means Database, an online application that allows organizations to share food amongst themselves, cutting down on waste and getting more food to the people who need it.