Service Year Alliance

Brand Launch

Many would argue we have never been more divided. Urban. Rural. Black. White. College educated. Blue collar. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Atheist. These differences can feel like vast chasms. The United States is a country in search of unity.

But imagine what our country would look like if all young people, no matter their backgrounds, served their country for a year, together.            

Service Year Alliance is bringing together our national service programs like Peace Corps, AmeriCorp, and many others to make that dream a reality.


Director & Director of Photography:: Gabe Silverman

Executive Producer & Script Writer: Jamie Coughlin

Producer: Julia Reihs

Music: APM


Why Service Year Alliance

How exactly Service Year will achieve this immense goal.

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Maisha Leek

Maisha had a tumultuous childhood, but was always engaged in serving others. After doing a service year, she realized that passion could become a career.


Melanie Moon

Melanie had never traveled far beyond the borders of her Annapolis home, so she did a service year to have an adventure. It gave her the experience - and the confidence - she needed to jumpstart her career.

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Germain Castellanos

Germain grew up in a neighborhood where it was easy to fall in with the wrong crowd. After serving time in juvenile detention, Germain did a service year and is now a force for good in his community. 

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Austin Dannhaus

Austin Dannhaus was planning to go into finance after college. Then he applied for a service year and decided to take on the adventure, and it changed the trajectory of his life. 

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