Welcome from Creative Director Gabe Silverman

The world of video is amazing right now. More people are consuming more visual media than ever before. Content producers are being blessed with more affordable production tools and access to ever expanding distribution networks. 

These are trends that are encouraging to me.

But above else, what I love about our time and place in video’s history is the community. It’s an engaged motley crew of intrepid creatives, upstart citizen journalists, ambitious documentarians, dogged one-man-band video producer, and experienced cinematic filmmakers finding new spaces to operate. 

This blog is our voice in that communal space. We'll be doing product #reviews, giving behind-the-scene (#BTS) looks at what we do, and#tips on our process. 

But this shouldn’t be a one-way conversation. We encourage you to have a voice. Whether you’re new to this space and have a question, or a vet who thinks we could do something better, leave a comment! Or email us: hello@sidexsi.de 

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Talk soon,

Gabe Silverman | Creative Director SideXSide Studios

Gabe Silverman